Useful Mobile Apps

Sound Spectrum Analysis

The application is designed for analysis of a sound spectrum in real time (with a microphone). Besides, the application can be used as a measuring instrument of noise level (not for exact measurements).

• Sound wave
• Fast fourier transform (FFT). FFT size: 16384 (the accuracy of determining the frequency of ±2 Hz)
• Sample rate: 48000 Hz
• Linear frequency scale
• Linear and logarithmic amplitude scale
• Peak frequency detection
• Sound level meter (dB SPL). You can calibrate your microphone by launching a signal generator with a sinusoid frequency of 1000 Hz on another device and making the volume very low. When the sound is almost inaudible, it is necessary to find the amplitude for the frequency of 1000 Hz on the spectrum. This value should be multiplied by 1.27. It will be the reference value for your microphone.
• Rapid screenshot
• Data export as WAV file
• Automatic stop